Train with the BEST to be the BEST

Training Classes at Power Force Athletics occur throughout the week at varying times. Classes run in 45-60-75-90 minute increments.

We pride ourselves in training athlete to be the best version of themselves- therefore, athletes will come in for an evaluation so that PFA staff can place he/she in the appropriate class and create a training program that works best for the individual!  

What to expect in a Training Class at PFA

Each class will be coached by a USASF credentialed coach who is CPR and First Aid Certified along with numerous other industry certifications.

Class structures are as follows: 

1. Lite cardio warm-up

2. Intentional stretch

3. Compulsory work & technique reinforcement: 

Our coaches focus on teaching fundamentals with a strong focus on safety so that athletes are fully aware on what to except, what to do when and what could happen if something goes wrong.  After all, knowledge is power! 

4. Stations:

 this is when athletes are encouraged to work on perfecting skills, building strength, training new elements of skill building as well as one-on-one training with his/her coach. 

5. Conditioning & Flexibility:

Athletes will be given conditioning that directly works for the muscles they focus on for their skill level.  Flexibility training will be done at the ladder of the class so that muscles can be utilized to their fullest throughout the duration of the class!

PFA coaches are vested in each of their athletes progress and hope to be a part of their athletic journey long-term. In order to foster this please plan to have a conversation about your child's progress the first and last week of each month.Coaches are eager to discuss your child's hardwork and accomplishments! 

Tumble Classes

Tumble 1

Handstands- Forward/Backward Rolls- Cartwheels- Round-offs-Bridges- Front/Back Walkovers

Tumble 2

Front/Back Handsprings- Round-off Back Handspring series-Tuck Introduction

Tumble 3

Front/Back Tucks- Round-off Back Handspring Tuck combinations- Layout introduction

Tumble 4/5

Standing Tuck- Round-off Back Handspring Layout combinations- Round-off Back Handspring Full combination- Whips- Arabians-Double Fulls

Team Tumble

The class will have a larger enrollment with focus being on the level of the team enrolled.  Athletes will progress individually along with focus on perfecting skills as a group.




Stunt Tech

This class will be staffed with a full stunt group allowing athletes enrolled to increase his/her skill level with basing, backspotting, or flying.  Conditioning will be specific to the position of focus.

Power Hour

This class is a dynamic and intense 60 minute workout class.
Build muscle, increase range of motion, grow speed and agility. 


Strength & Stretch

This class is open to athletes looking to build his/her strength and expand flexibility. The class will begin with conditioning circuits to increase strength, body awareness and agility and will end with flexibility training to decrease injuries and increase mobility while focuses on technique for jumps and stunting.

Cheer Tech

This class will cover all introductory bases of competitive cheer.
Each class will work on technique and execution for jumps, tumbling, stunting, motions and flexibility. 

Tiny Boltz

This class welcomes those ages 2-4.
Class curriculum will grow fine and gross motor skills while teaching socialization skills. 

Team Stunt & Tumble

The class will have a larger enrollment with focus being on the level of the team enrolled.  Athletes will progress individually along with focus on perfecting skills as a group.

This class is great for school / rec teams looking to put extra work in as a group.


Training Class Schedule

Tumble Classes- 60 minute classes that focus on tumble skill sets level 1-5/ beginner- advanced
Strength & Stretch Classes - 45 minute classes that combine conditioning with flexibility training
Tiny Boltz- Tumble/ Gymnastics classes for those ages 2-4
Power It Up- a 60 minute class that focuses more on mobility and endurance training with less on the technique of tumble. This class is perfect for kids who play other sports like soccer, football, baseball, softball etc and those looking to burn some extra energy! 
Boot Camp-which is a 90 minute class that complies tumbling, jump training, strength and endurance training and flexibility work!
NEW - Power Hour- this class does not have a monthly commitment attached to it so it is perfect for parents or siblings looking to add an extra workout in their week while waiting for the PFA' Athlete's practice to conclude.